XenDesktop 7.15 VDA module


VDA optimization is a key requirement for Citrix Xendesktop 7.15 performance. Extended Windows 10 administration tasks are required to unlock the best performances of the virtual environment as these OS have primarily designed for physical environments:

  • Unneeded registry keys removal.
  • Registry keys tweaking.
  • Disabling unneeded or resource consuming services.
  • Windows of Office embeded maintenance scheduled tasks removal.
  • Storage and power management policy tweaking
  • Dotnet framework optimization

Automating Citrix VDA configuration with Powershell DSC and Puppet

Citrix VDA optimizations can be deployed using Powershell scripting. However, scripts maintenance and documentation requires extensive efforts for each version change. Code complexity make the VDA configuration difficultly readable.

Powershell DSC focus Citrix administrators on describing the desired VDA optimizations rather than maintening constantely evolving Powershell scripts. All the scripting efforts are shared by the Powershell DSC community leaded by Microsoft on Github. The desired configuration is decoupled from the way to apply the configuration and is human readable.