Citrix ADC SAML federated authentication with Auth0


What is SAML ?

SAML (Security Assertion Markup LanguageSAML) is an XML-based authentication mechanism that provides single sign-on capability. It is defined by the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee.

Citrix ADC configuration is provided by Citrix for the following and SAML Identity providers : Citrix AppController, CloudGateway, Microsoft AD FS, and Shibboleth.

Auth0 SAML identity provider

Auth0 is a cloud service providing authentication and authorization as a service to application developpers. It supports OAuth, OpenId-Connect, SAML, JWT, WS-Fed authentication and authorization protocols.

Auth0 will be used as a SAML Identity Provider in this tutorial.

Metadata export for Citrix ADC SAML SP

When Citrix ADC is configured as SAML SP, it can export it’s normalized SAML XML metadata to ease service provider registration in a SAML IdP.

Assuming that Citrix ADC appliance is already configured with “samlAction” attribute that specifies SAML SP configuration, SAML metadata can be accessed using the following URL mapped to any Citrix Gateway or authentication virtual server as shown below<action-name>